Poem: “Heaven Glow”

desert sunriseHeaven Glow

Mr. Lee looked at the child moments old.
“Sirius is his name,” said he.
Mrs. Lee, cuddling the boy, truth be told,
Said “Yes, Sirius Lee” he will be.

But he wasn’t.

Eyes twinkling stellar was he,
Not dark, dismal or dull.
Shimmering sparkling was he,
Not Sirius Lee at all.

Because he knew.

The lux in tenebris lucet,
The Word is life, not night.
Glittering, glimmering, gleaming,
Star Joyful Lee shining His light.

Copyright © Guy McClung 2016

Guy McClung is a granddad who loves his children and grandchildren, and as a Patent Attorney helps people develop inventions. He lives in San Antonio Texas with his wife Karen who has stayed with him for 41+ years.