Poem: “Bad Night”

Bad Night

A seabird driven landward by a storm
Circles overhead, expected guest,
We have been waiting for the wind to form,
Apocalypse approaching, east to west

The Christ of God comes riding on a cloud,
No vapor any more but head and flank,
Steed of Consummation and the proud
Recoil, the angels rank on rank

Precede and overshadow in the lee:
Cities and the fields that once pristine
Await the cleansing comfort of the sea:
When they rise again they will be clean

All the restless sleeping in their beds
Wake and rise, still dreaming of the dead

April 20, 2011

Pavel Chichikov is a Washington DC-based poet and photographer. He has written for both the secular and the Catholic press on issues as diverse as Russian nuclear weapons systems, Olympic athletes, and miracles. His books include From Here to Babylon: Poems by Pavel Chichikov,  Lion Sun: Poems by Pavel Chichikov, Mysteries and Stations in the Manner of Ignatius, and Animal Kingdom. Pavel may be heard reading his works on catholicradiointernational.com and on pavelreads.com. His poetry regularly appears on "The Poetry of Pavel Chichikov."