Poem: “Clouds in Heaven”

Clouds in Heaven

I was just a young thing
Couldn’t been more than three
When I asked Grandma questions
As I perched upon her knee.

Are there clouds in heaven?
Do angels play in the rain?
Do they splash in puddles
Playing angel games?

“You’ve got imagination!”
She said as she squeezed me tight.
“Yes, there’s clouds in heaven –
Puffy, billowy and snow white.

Yes, the angels are playing
But not as you might expect.
They play and sing and still have time
To show our Lord respect.”

I sat on the porch with Grandma
And I imagined I could see
Puffy white clouds in heaven
And angels watching over me.

Brenda Kay Farber

Brenda Kay Farber is a Catholic housewife, mother and grandmother who enjoys jasmine tea, chocolate chip cookies, quilting and reading.