Karaoke: a Universal Love Language?

karaoke-coupleHave you ever gone on a karaoke date night?  It can be a great way to get to know each other and see each other’s sillier side.  And definitely, you can get up and dance together to a great song someone else is singing.

You might be asking yourself “What if I embarrass myself or my terrible singing does more harm than good?”  The beauty of karaoke is that people basically expect terrible singing.  Karaoke is hugely popular because it’s fun to see other people attempt to sing songs.  They cheer the worst singers the same as they would the great singers.  Most people are somewhere in between.  That’s what makes it low-risk for your love life.  You really can’t go wrong. Just getting up there at all is what people most admire and applaud you for.

There is one way you can blow it.  That’s by choosing the wrong song.  There are some songs that should never be sung at karaoke. The same rules apply to singing karaoke as they do in public speaking.  Keep the song short, and choose a song that will not turn off the audience.  Think about it.

If I could, I would make karaoke mandatory for all single people who desire to fall in love and marry one day.  It certainly does no harm, so there’s nothing to lose, and it can only improve whatever social skills you already have (and develop them for those who have none).

“If you don’t sing, you don’t date.”  That’s a harsh and over-exaggerated slogan to impose or adopt.  But basically, that’s a mantra that could work.

Karaoke not only helps people be comfortable in front of strangers, but also to overcome nervousness, embrace mistakes, and realize how your body language and voice affect others.  The more you get up there to sing, the less nervous you get in front of strangers (and also when with your date).  As you make mistakes singing karaoke, you realize strangers don’t hold it against you (and neither will your date).  The more relaxed you look on stage and move around more naturally, and as your voice is more pronounced and clear, the strangers respond more positively (and so will your date).

So get out there and practice.  Where else do you have access to attentive strangers? And where else can you fail in public without personal repercussions?  At karaoke, nobody cares.  You have nothing to lose.  Loosen up, relax, and have fun.  After all, isn’t that how you both should be when dating each other?

Anthony Buono is the author of Would You Date You? and founder of Avemariasingles.com. For thousands of Catholic singles, Anthony offers guidance, humor, understanding, and practical relationship advice.  Visit his blog at 6stonejars.com

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