Is International Planned Parenthood Abetting Criminal Activity?

International Planned Parenthood Federation’s Carmen Barroso sent around an e-mail this week soliciting year-end donations. She illustrates the role IPPF plays throughout the Western Hemisphere by telling the story of Valeria, a young Argentine woman:

“This year, we provided vital health services to individuals like Valeria, a young Argentine woman who never received sexuality education at home or in school. She suspected she might be pregnant, but wasn’t ready to be a parent. Valeria needed information about her options, and we were there for her.” (Emphasis in original.)

This statement is couched in ambiguity, but utilizes coded language favored by the abortion industry. We are told that Valeria was not “ready to be a parent,” and needed information about her “options,” which IPPF provided. This implies (though it does not state explicitly) that she was seeking information about how to obtain abortion.

IPPF also claims to have provided “health services,” which implies that IPPF did more than simply provide information. What was the scope of health services IPPF provided?  Is IPPF licensed to provide such services, and, if so, in which jurisdictions? (Of course if IPPF did not provide “health services,” this solicitation would be a misrepresentation.)

We are also told that Valeria is “Argentine” — does this mean she was living in Argentina when she sought and obtained information and “health services” from IPPF?

As a general matter, abortion remains a crime under Argentine law. Depending on where Valeria was residing and what information and “health services” IPPF provided, IPPF may have been abetting an illegal act. While the lurking-in-the-shadows language used by Barroso never directly addresses the issue, the implications are sinister enough.  Perhaps IPPF’s activities throughout the Americas are worth closer scrutiny.

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