Hate-Crimes the European Parliament isn’t Worried About

Cardinal Antonio Maria Rouco Varela

Cardinal Antonio Maria Rouco Varela

While the controversial “Lunacek-Report”, which it has adopted this week, calls on EU Member States to“register and investigate hate crimes against LGBTI people, and adopt criminal legislation prohibiting incitement to hatred on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity”, the European Parliament seems very much less concerned about the hate crimes that actually do take place in Europe.

Here are just two very recent examples:

  • On last Sunday evening, the Archbishop of Madrid, Cardinal Antonio Maria Rouco Varela, was physically assaulted by a group of topless females who yelled “abortion is sacred”. This is just the latest of a series of similar attacks, all of which involved physical violence, against high-ranking representatives of the Catholic Church. Violence by homosexualist/abortionist/feminist activists against peaceful Christians appears to be turning into an everyday normality in Europe, but the EP does not seem to worry. It’s one and only concern is so-called “homophobia”…  See a full report and commentary here. Video footage is here.
    The violence of Feminism is not restricted to abortion. At times it is directed at elderly priests…
  • One week earlier, on 24 January, the centre of the Austrian capital Vienna was vandalized by a left-extremist mob. The violence took place under the pretext of a “political” protest against …. a peaceful dancing event! Some years ago, radical neo-communists developed the habit ofmolesting and assaulting the visitors of the world famous Vienna Opera Ball, taking them as the personification of the “rich and beautiful” against whom they wanted to launch a new type of “class struggle”. More recently, they have directed their aggression against another ball event, the “Akademikerball”, under the pretext that visitors of that ball are “Nazis”. (The word “nazi” in this context refers to anyone who is not a communist.) Last Sunday was the third time that this ball became the target of the aggression. The government deployed more than 2000 police officers who managed to fend off attempts of the hooligans to storm the Imperial “Hofburg” Palace where the ball took place, but were not able to prevent them to wreak havoc in other parts of the city. Shop windows were broken (including that of a Jewish-owned jewellery shop, which creates most unfortunate associations…), and cars were set on fire by street gangs howling slogans like “unseren Hass könnt Ihr haben” (i.e., “You can have our hate”). This is a rare instance in which a hate crime is openly described as such by those committing it. There were 22 injured, and the damage was estimated at 1 million Euro.

Why do I report this here? Because the hooligans received logistic and political support from the youth organization of the Austrian “Green Alternative” Party –that is, the very same party that Mrs. Lunacek, the author of the homonymous report, is representing in the European Parliament. But the same Mrs. Lunacek who whines about (fictitious?) hate crimes against gays and lesbians has not found one word of regret for the very concrete and real violence that has been instigated by the youth movement of her own party. Nor has she offered any apologies to the victims of that violence, many of whom had simply the bad luck of being the owners of the shops and the cars along the march-route of the green-communist mob.

“You can have our hate” – sponsored by the “Green Alternative” party of which Ulrike Lunacek is the EP representative…

These and many similar incidents shed a particularly queer light on the European Parliament’s ill-advised decision to reject a motion that would have called on the EU and its Member States to ensure the full and equal enjoyment of human rights by all citizens, and instead adopt a text that affirms and promotes solely the rights of persons with unusual sexual behaviors. Of course, we should by now be accustomed to the fact that the Greens in the EP have a rather selective approach to human rights. And of course it is significant that the Communists in the European parliament (some of whom represent the former State Partys of the former Soviet bloc!) have voted en bloc in favour of the Lunacek-report: indeed, this report represents a version of “human rights” that is perfectly compatible with the red fascism these groups stand for.

What is less easy to understand is how the representatives of so-called “mainstream” parties could go along with this absurdly distorted understanding of human rights and think they are doing something good with it.

The adoption of the “Lunacek-Report” sends a clear message: there are some hate crimes that can’t be tolerated, and others that can.

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