Five Things to Do This Valentine’s Day Regardless of Your Status

adoration-Corpus Christi-monstranceNot everyone loves Valentine’s Day. Some do because they are in relationships or it gives them an excuse to eat chocolate. Others hate it because they will probably stay home alone watching Netflix awhile their friends with significant others go out.

Instead of wallowing in that funk, whether single or in a relationship, spread the love with friends and you will have a happy Valentine’s Day. Here are five suggestions.

Go to the mall and hand out chocolates.

I did this several years ago. My friends and I were in my room bored and complaining that the rest of our group was out on dates. My sister suggested that we hand out roses to people. Since roses were expensive, we decided to get Dove chocolate hearts instead.

My favorite memory from that day is of an elderly man who received a chocolate heart from us. After handing him the chocolate, he hugged me and thanked us profusely explaining this was the first Valentine’s Day since his wife of over fifty years had passed away. The people we gave the chocolates to were all surprised. It put us all in a good mood to see their smiles.

Spread love to those in need.

How many of our brothers and sisters in Christ are hungry for love? On this day about love, volunteer somewhere, even if you go alone. Head to a soup kitchen, stop in to see a neighbor, babysit for a couple with young children, or visit a nursing home. You could even make cards to handout out to the residents.

Plan a St. Valentine’s Day party.

If you are single, instead of a pity party on Valentine’s Day, throw a real party! It is a great way to still enjoy the holiday with your friends. If you are in a relationship, your single friends will appreciate having something to do. No doubt a few couples will be grateful they didn’t have to plan out a date.

Have a girl’s night in.

I have heard too many girls complaining about Valentine’s Day since they don’t have a boyfriend. If you’re single, be thankful you don’t have to stress about getting your boyfriend the perfect present and plan a date. Invite some of your friends over, watch a chick flick, and eat chocolate to your heart’s content.

Spend time with the One who is love.

Whether any of the above ideas appeal to you or not, you can still go to adoration and spend time with Jesus. God created us out of love and is love itself. Since he cares for us every moment of our existence, the least we could do is return this favor. Especially if you are feeling down or lonely, go to the Divine Physician to be healed from all that ails your heart.

I find that the more time I spend in adoration, the more love I receive, and in turn, the more I have to give. So whatever your status, have a happy Valentine’s Day!

Teresa is a student at the University of Mary in Bismarck, ND studying Criminal Justice. She loves traveling and the outdoors. God’s grace and endless amounts of coffee fuel her days. She is one of ten children and hopes to one day top that number when she has a family.