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Are Protestant Communities "Churches"?

Are Protestant Communities “Churches”?


In our last article, we demonstrated how Dr. Alan Schreck, as many orthodox Catholics do, erroneously applies the hermeneutic of discontinuity to the use of the terms “heresy” and “heretic” before Vatican II and the non-use of those terms in the Council. We will now do likewise with the term “church” as it was used […]

Continuity & Ecumenism:  Heretics or Seperated Brethren?

Continuity & Ecumenism: Heretics or Seperated Brethren?


While writing my self-published manuscript, New Things and Old: Re-Implementing Vatican II, I came to the realization that Vatican II could only be understood in light of past magisterial teaching and the sources of the Tradition.  Taken by themselves the documents could lead even orthodox Catholics to formulate or embrace conclusions that were erroneous and […]