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MA in English, Valdosta State University OCDS, temporary promises, second time around (long story) Published in Inside Catholic, Celebrate Life, and other periodicals. Articles in books _We Met Online_, _Marfan Writers Anthology_ and _Doors in the Sky_. Been studying apologetics and spirituality practically since I could read. "34 with a life expectancy of 20," I had my first open heart surgery (aortic root replacement) and am awaiting a repair of my descending aorta, which dissected in January 2011.

<em>Les Miserables</em> and the Index

Les Miserables and the Index


For the past several weeks, Catholics around the Internet have been talking about a scandal, and, surprisingly, they’re more or less in agreement.  It is a real-life scandal of a bishop who forgave a criminal for robbing from him.  It is a fictional scandal of a criminal who broke parole, became a successful businessman and […]