African Women Beware – Harmful Contraceptive Due in Bulk


Melinda Gates

This week family planning and abortion advocates are coming out in force for an International Family Planning conference co-hosted by Ethiopia’s Ministry of Health and Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population.

The 3-day conference opened in Addis Ababa with the theme “Full Access—Full Choice.” Stakeholders will present on greater access to abortion and how to scale up delivery of the harmful injectable contraceptive Depo Provera to women of color – with a new push to adolescent girls.

These confabs are now occurring annually due to the big-money Melinda Gates, the U.S., and European governments have committed to international family planning which has siphoned money from maternal and child heath programs. Abortion groups like International Planned Parenthood and Marie Stopes now receive millions to distribute this dangerous contraceptive in less developed countries.

This so-called contraceptive of “choice” promoted by population control enthusiasts carries a “black-box warning” issued by the manufacturer after million dollar lawsuits were brought against Pfizer in the U.S. and Canada. It is not recommended for use over 2 years due to the complications associated with severe osteoporosis. Studies have also indicated depo users to double their risk for breast cancer and be high risk to contract or transmit HIV.

The WSJ recently reported on the breast cancer surge in Africa causing an increase in mortality due to the later stage in which it is diagnosed and limited opportunities for treatment.

Kwame Fosu, policy director for the Rebecca Project has sounded the alarm on the targeting of women of color for Depo Provera use. Fosu says that in countries where women are counseled on the side effects of Depo they do not opt for the shot.

It is highly unethical for the U.S. to fund the distribution of this and other substandard contraceptives to poor women overseas – like Jadelle – (Norplant 2) also rejected by American women.

Congressman Chris Smith will hold a congressional hearing to examine the Unethical Medical Practices in Africa on December 3, 2013 in the House subcommittee on Africa, Global Health and Global Human Rights.

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