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Why <i>Sola Scriptura</i> Still Matters, Part One

Why Sola Scriptura Still Matters, Part One


We are now just over 501 and one years since Martin Luther’s posting of his ninety-five theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg Germany, the spark that lit the fire of what many Protestants still proudly call the “Reformation.” The Banner of the “Reformation” Still Flies Given the climate of cooperation and dialogue […]

Why <em>Sola Scriptura</em> Still Matters, Part Two

Why Sola Scriptura Still Matters, Part Two


In part one we discussed the importance that the Protestant principle of sola scriptura still has this close to the 500th anniversary of the “Reformation.” Now it is time to get into the meat of the argument by examining the classic Protestant interpretation of two key verses of Scripture. “All Scripture Is Inspired” The Bible verses […]

The Bad Evangelist Club:  Do Protestants Have the Holy Spirit?

The Bad Evangelist Club: Do Protestants Have the Holy Spirit?


Here at the Bad Evangelist Club, we are trying to do more than just correct some misguided ideas you hear from a lot of apologists and evangelists.  In addition to pointing out what not to think, it helps to remember what we should think.  When it comes to the topic of Protestants and Ecumenism, it is […]

The Bad Evangelist Club:  <em>Sola Scriptura</em> and the "Essentials"?

The Bad Evangelist Club: Sola Scriptura and the “Essentials”?


One common response that Protestants will use to defend or explain away their clear disunity in doctrine is by retreating into the dichotomy dogma, which they call the essentials of the faith, versus non-essentials of the faith.  Their defense begins like this, ‘Our unity is found in that all true Christian churches agree on the […]

Fatal Errors with Sola Scriptura's "God Breathed" Argument

Fatal Errors with Sola Scriptura’s “God Breathed” Argument


Ezekiel and I agreed on just about everything, except for theology and football. He was a dogmatic Calvinist and a Pittsburgh Steelers fanatic (which is different than just being a ‘fan’). He was also an awesome debater and very logical – a bit loud and hyperbolic – but his gift was never being able to […]

The Bad Evangelist Club:  33,000 Denominations

The Bad Evangelist Club: 33,000 Denominations


*Editor Note:  Starting this month we will be introducing a new series at Catholic Lane.  Known as The Bad Evangelist Club, we will be providing an examination of conscience so to speak for Catholic efforts at Evangelization and Apologetics.  We will do so by reflecting on the bad arguments being made (often by the writers […]

The Fallacy of Solo Scriptura

The Fallacy of Solo Scriptura


I must have been around four years old when I was first paraded in front of the church to sing with my sister.  The song was “The B-I-B-L-E,” and I belted the words out with all the zeal I could muster.  The B-I-B-L-E, yes that’s the book for me; I stand alone on the Word […]

It Was A Beautiful Service, But…

It Was A Beautiful Service, But…


JI attended a Protestant church a while ago for a worship service. A friend and colleague had died, and I was there to pray for him and his family. The church was beautiful. High ceilings, with stained glass windows on the back wall of the sanctuary. A pulpit made of beautiful wood, raised high in […]