Letters to the Editor, Editorial Submissions, Press Releases

Letters to the editor

  • If you wish to make response or comment regarding our articles, we invite you to make use of the comment feature available to all users.  If you want to contact the editor directly, please email (Enable Javascript to see the email address).
  • If your letter is published, your last name will be withheld upon request or at the discretion of the editors.Your email address will not be published unless you request it.
  • Any and all messages submitted via the contact form or emails to CatholicLane’s editors or authors regarding content on our site become the property of CatholicLane. They may published or used for promotional purposes.
  • If published, letters may be shortened or edited for clarity.

Editorial submissions

  • While we welcome robust discussion of a variety of topics, we do not publish articles that are contrary to the teachings of the Catholic faith.
  • We do not pay for articles.
  • Each article should be sent as a Word document attachment to one of the editors depending on the topic. (Do not send press releases to this email address — see Press Releases below.)
    • Chelsea Zimmerman ((Enable Javascript to see the email address)), Editor-in-Chief
    • E. L. Core ((Enable Javascript to see the email address)), Associate Editor for Politics
  • If you are not already established as a content contributor with us you will need to send a short paragraph about yourself to put at the end of your article/s.
  • Time sensitive materials should be noted clearly in the subject line of the email and if your piece pertains to a liturgical event or secular holiday, try to submit it at least 10 days beforehand.
  • Common or “hot” topics may already be covered, so use the contact form to inquire in advance as to whether we are taking submissions on that topic.
  • We do use reprints of articles that have previously appeared in print or online, but the author must obtain permission from the original publisher and credit them at the bottom of the article.
  • Length of articles on this site varies from 400 words to well over 1000, but please remember that shorter is generally better for internet reading. If treating a subject thoroughly requires a long article, consider submitting more than one related piece instead of a single lengthy one.
  •  All articles are edited.

Press Releases

  • All press releases should be sent to (Enable Javascript to see the email address).
  • We do not publish press releases.
  • If you wish to have a book reviewed on our site, contact the editors through the contact form to have the book assigned to an author. Do not send unsolicited books or manuscripts to the editor/s.

Fiction Submissions

Welcome to 48 Fiction Place, the place for fiction on Catholic Lane.

We welcome interesting fiction from and for all ages.

48 Fiction Place takes as its guiding principle Philippians 4:8.

If you would like to submit your work or recommend another’s work for publication here, please begin by reading Philippians 4:8.


Your story should:

  • Be fictional.
  • Be uplifting.
  • Be approximately 1,500 words in length.
  • Reflect moral values in accord with the teachings of the Catholic Church.
  • Fill readers’ minds and imaginations with uplifting images, not voyeuristic violence, inappropriate language, or erotic themes.
  • Return to an age of thinking protagonists, obvious antagonists, and realistic conflict.  Please avoid trite modern ‘dark’ characters which include, but are not limited to, vampires, zombies, or flesh-disintegrating extra-terrestrials.

Before you press ‘send’ —

  • Pray.  Ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom and guidance regarding your writing and motivation.
  • Please spellcheck and proofread your piece.  Works with excessive grammatical or mechanical errors will not be published.
  • Include a 2-3 line biography of yourself at the end.
  • Send your piece to (Enable Javascript to see the email address) with “Fiction Submission” in the subject line.
  • Please realize your piece may not be accepted.  It simply may not fit here.  It may have too many errors for the editor to correct.  It may be too verbose, or lack interesting content.  The editorial staff is interested in helping you become a better writer, and as such may make recommendations and ask for another draft.  You are free to rewrite and resubmit or not, but revising does not guarantee publication.

Every writer must hone their craft through constant practice (and often, rejection) before they enjoy success.

Thank you for entrusting 48 Fiction Place with your work!