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Poem: "Stations"

Poem: “Stations”


Stations One sits beside Him And He knows He sits alone. That one will kiss Him Then be on his way. A true friend longs to be there Should something happen On a night, Where no joy lingers In a windy desert that Howls its danger, Past the praying Though most are sleeping A true […]

Poem: "By the Sea of Galilee"

Poem: “By the Sea of Galilee”


By The Sea of Galilee Walking softly to where he is I kneel on the sand Then rest my head against the stone He sits upon In the breeze His cloak brushes against my cheek I look upon the sea He gazes on Feeling the breeze that he feels Smelling the sea as he smells […]

Poem: "The Prodigal One"

Poem: “The Prodigal One”


The Prodigal One Scorching heat awakens the man No outline of large tents offering sweet cakes, soft pillows, and shade No sign of attending figures who embrace and kiss their lost one No drops of the many wines that flowed till well into the night when Large glittering stars camouflaged the velvet-black heavens… No remnant […]

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