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Web Site Construction: Hire the Writer First!

I spoke with a business associate not too long ago. He mentioned that he was rebuilding his Web site and then said, “I’m working with the Web designer right now. I’m not ready for the writer, yet.”

That’s crazy. The writer of your Web content is of critical importance. Web sites designed to sell products and services are word-content driven. Your Web designer can’t possibly know how to build the architecture of your site if he doesn’t know its content.

Consider the following:

Without an online copywriter working with your Web designer, you are shooting yourself in the foot.

All too often, I meet with clients who have spent a ton of money on their sites, which have essentially been loaded up with print-style materials. Although print materials are great aids to your online copywriter, they simply cannot be effective when thrown onto Web site pages.

One reason is that print copy (brochure, magazine, etc.) is designed for more leisurely reads. When folks come to a Web site they are on a mission. The pace is fast. Web visitors want to scan and find exactly what they are looking for quickly or they will be off to another site.

A good Internet copywriter can save you tons of money.

Ideally, the Web designer and writer should work together. But, if I had to err, I would hire the writer first.

(© 2011 Katherine Andes)