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Poem: “To Men of Good Will”


There can be no peace
If not of good will.
There can be no race
For those who stand still.

Only she –
Full of grace
Was the miracle
Set in place.

To magnify
Her soul prepared
By God, her spirit –
Never ensnared.

“Blessed art thou…”
Gabriel hailed,
And at that moment
The enemy railed.

For he remembered
In the garden free
Between him and a woman

But who the woman?
God did not tell,
Then Gabriel’s “Ave”
Shook the depths of Hell.

And Satan screamed,
Turned on a wing
To offer some peace
And will good to a King.

“Peace.” Herod said,
“And yes good will…
I’ve a right to my reign,
If some Innocents I kill!”

Hilary Flanery