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Poem: “The Roast Beef Hour”

Roast Beef

Cloth of cream
China plate
Crystal vases

Blossoms orange
Mums of yellow
Autumn eve
A Sunday mellow.

Sterling silver
Piney vapor
Scents the air
From brass held taper.

Dad and mom
Sipping wine
Roasting beef
Upon we’ll dine.

Chilly children
Crunch on leaves
Runny noses
Wiped on sleeves.

Whipped potatoes
In glass bowl
Salad broccoli
Dinner roll.

Children sit
Carving begins
Under the table
They kick their shins.

Dinner music,
Say the grace
To thank Our Lord.

Acorn scented
Breezes tame
Swirl around
The candle flame.

Soon to yield
To winter’s power…
But we’ll stay warm
In the roast beef hour!

Hilary M. Flanery