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Poem: “The Moment I See Your Face”

The Moment I See Your Face

As the Psalmist said, Lord, how I long to see Your face.
Yet I do so fearfully,
Knowledge of my sinfulness,
Would postpone this joy.

Poor I am indeed,
That I should think this,
Your mercy is enshrined by the saved.
Your forgiveness could never be questioned by the forgiven.

Yet I hesitate.
Am I lost?
What is this fear?
Why does it show itself?
Why should it manifest itself?

Is there no richness in my faith?
Has my treasury run dry?
Where is the unquestioning love I had for you?

Renew me, Lord.
Let me be born again in You.
Let me feel the confidence of You at my side.
Let me welcome the moment I see Your face.

L. Lapiz 5/31/93