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Poem: “Return”


A star smile surprise,
From me untimely ripped,
Tore the wind with
Moments of unsilence, then
Severed a startled sullen sky,
Rising, careening, disappearing.
I moaned forever.
Left cleft, gored, jagged,
One searing, souless scar,
Mined like a fertile shaft
Through a seam of precious gems,
My stellar pebble dug and chiseled,
Without caress,
Sundered and valued for demons.
But the star smile, laughing, unfailing,
Comes hourly promising me whole holy.
A comet encompassing, circling,
Blazing, coruscating, warming,
So soothing.
Quietly, only I hear,
“I am your smile and you are mine,
Name me forever for love.”

Guy McClung