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Poem: “Repayment”

“And your Father who sees what is hidden will repay you.”
                                                                        –Matthew 6:4
What will God find when He looks
within, searching a soul emptied
to make a dwelling place for Him?

He will see Himself, for that is all
my soul can hold. And when He sees
Himself, rejoicing at the Love He’s found—

a Love that is also Him—how is it He
will repay me, who am neither the seeker
nor the Love, but only the container

in which He dwells? Without His blood,
a chalice is only a cup; without His bodyeucharist
a tabernacle just a box. He creates

and sustains all I am and yet it is He
who repays me—a strange repayment
of that which was never first given.

Tim Bete