Joseph Journeyed All the Way

Joseph journeyed all the way
To Bethlehem and Christmas Day
Beginning, as good things often do
In prayer to He Who makes things new
Zechariah turned to God in prayer
To ask that God show him where
To find the man who should be
Wed to the Queen of Galilee
Wonder! An angel in answer came!
Saying, “Thus shall you know his name:
Every marriageable man call.
Have them bring their staffs all.
That Mary’s husband should be found,
Place the staffs upon the ground
In the temple through the night
Then look again at morning light.”
As the angel said so was it done
And the temple sealed at setting sun
And when they looked again at dawn’s first hour
On Joseph’s staff bloomed a pure white flower
And so Joseph was the one
Chosen by the Father for the Son
Thus was Joseph called to walk the way
With Mary to Bethlehem and Christmas Day
To love and laugh and guard and guide
Every step at Mary’s side
Walking with Mary all the way
To Bethlehem and Christmas Day

When Joseph learned of the child she carried
When they were but engaged and still unmarried
He thought that they must part their ways
And had he, what would have been of Christmas Day?
But lo! An angel came in Joseph’s dream
And told him of the coming King
And Joseph heard and obeyed
And his own part in salvation humbly played
That Salvation might be born
On that blessed Christmas morn

So went the three, mile upon dusty mile
Joseph, Mary and the Child
And at the manger Christmas morn
When came the time that Christ was born
There was Joseph at Mary’s side
Ever vigilant for his bride
And the child born small and bare
Entrusted by God into his care
All through the night as cattle lowed
And the Christmas Star shining glowed
And shepherds came to behold
And three kings brought frankincense, myrrh and gold
And in the sky they heard angels sing
And all creation bowed before its King

Joseph, dreamer of dreams
Guardian of the King
Who walked with Mary all the way
To Bethlehem and Christmas Day
Lead us also, we humbly pray
To the manger on Christmas Day

Jake Frost is the author of Catholic Dad, (Mostly) Funny Stories of Faith, Family and Fatherhood to Encourage and Inspire , also available as a $0.99 e-book on Amazon.  He is a lawyer in hiatus, having temporarily traded depositions for diapers and court rooms for kitchens to care for his pre-school aged children.  He comes from a large family in a small town of the Midwest, and lives near the Mississippi River with his wife and kids.