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How to Help an Aging Parent Who Refuses Help

Holding Hands with Elderly Patient aging old [1]During my speaking tours around the country, I get a chance to hear what is on the minds and hearts of adult children, the challenges that are the toughest for them to deal with.  One question I hear over and over goes something like this, “We see our parents struggling with their living situation, and we have tried every way possible to talk with them about it, but they refuse to accept help in their home.  What can we do?”

Before I offer up some suggestions, I want to take a step back and explore the situation from your parents’ perspective.

So, with those thoughts in mind, how can we approach the conversation in a more empathetic way?

I hope this article helps you get “unstuck” with your aging parents.  Step back, reflect on your parent’s values and wishes, and then reach out for professional help.

I would love to hear your insight and ideas on how to reach out to aging parents who refuse help.  What has worked or not worked in your family?