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Holy Week and Easter Through the Blessed Mother

[1]Surely, the Blessed Mother would have taken on the suffering of her Son, Jesus Christ if it were possible. That is what loving mothers always wish they could do.  Instead, Mary suffered alongside her Son, because that too is what mothers do.

We go to Mary to get closer to Jesus for that very reason. Jesus loved his mother supernaturally, more than we can imagine, and she, likewise, loved Jesus more than we ever could. It is a blessing to know that the Blessed Mother also loves and cares for us. Running out of wine at the Wedding at Cana was not her problem, but she made it her concern. I want to be one of Mary’s concerns.

During Holy Week, as we travel from the Last Supper and the Agony in the Garden, the arrest, trial, scourging, carrying of the cross, and crucifixion; imagine it all through the eyes of the Blessed Mother.   Imagine how it felt when Jesus and Mary’s eyes met on the way of the cross. And imagine the unimaginable of her watching her beloved Son hang from the cross for 3 hours.

We should always apologize to Jesus for all of our sins but consider that we also owe an apology to Our Blessed Mother for the pain we inflicted upon on her Son. Consider ways we can join with her during Holy Week.

Marian Devotions During Holy Week

Easter Through Mary

And then, thankfully, there is Easter. Our rejoicing at the resurrection of Jesus is not even a shadow of what Mary must have experienced.  Scripture does not speak of the moment when Jesus appeared to his mother after the resurrection.  It must have been beyond telling.

Just as we can have Mary accompany us through Jesus’ passion and death, we can ask her to celebrate the resurrection with us.  Consider her own joy and ask her to help us to partake in it.

Imagine the encounter of Mary with her Son who was both God and man, knowing that he had resurrected, never more to die.  What must Mary have experienced when Jesus came to her in his glorified body having just opened up the gates of heaven?

As we exult in the resurrection, let us also get swept up into the Blessed Mother’s rejoicing, asking her to deepen our love and joy over her Son’s triumph over sin and death.

Thank you for everything you have done for us, Blessed Mother, from bearing Jesus and accepting your suffering, to your beautiful devotions.  Please protect us under your mantle and draw us closer to Jesus, uniting our sufferings in this life to his.

Be with us, to rejoice and be thankful for the resurrection of your Son, Jesus Christ, drawing us ever closer to him, so that we will be transformed today and always.