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Confession: A Roman Catholic App

I’m so happy to share the good news about  ”Confession” [1] a great Catholic app for your iPhone and iPad – and to share that this app is not only wonderfully helpful, but also 100% reliable, having earned the imprimatur from Bishop Kevin C. Rhodes of the Diocese of Fort Wayne – South Bend.

You may be skeptical about using an iPhone or iPad app to help you prepare for a sacrament.  I’ll admit that I was… but after having tested and thoroughly reviewed the Confession app, I’m hooked!  A few special features include the following:

Along with using this app to better prepare myself to go to Confession, I plan to use this app each night as I go through my daily examination of conscience during my nighttime prayers.  I’m not certain that I will actually carry it into the confessional with me, but I will immediately be using it to help myself be more receptive of the graces offered with this sacrament.

I hope you’ll check out the Confession app if you’re an iPhone or iPad owner.  For more information and a full description of the app, including several screenshots, visit the developer’s website [2].  I also hope you’ll join me in supporting faith-filled Catholic technology pioneers such as Little iApps who are working to provide us with great tools that respond to the Holy Father’s continual call to give the Internet a soul!

Download Confession: A Roman Catholic App [1]

2011 Lisa Hendey)