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Computer Posture

[1]I’ve been sitting at my computer most of this morning, working away on a variety of things. When I stood up a few moments ago to go refresh my tea, I felt like an old lady! I sat back down to assess why I was feeling so much pain in my knees and noted that I had reflexively sat with one of my feet tucked up under myself. My shoulders were hunched and my neck was straining.

Not good! If I’m going to spend multiple hours per day at the computer, good ergonomics are as important to my health as my daily cardio workout.  I need to create some type of a reminder system to periodically check my posture while working.  I find it seems to be the worst when I am concentrating very hard on something.

The following are a few links to help me and any of the rest of you who may need a refresher on proper computer posture:

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