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Scandals... and Hope: An Interview with Rod Bennett

Scandals… and Hope: An Interview with Rod Bennett

Another day, another Catholic scandal – or that is how it seems lately. If you are like me, you are just sick of it, yesterday already. I felt myself reeling a bit with the news about German bishops, and needing a little balancing support, I decided to run a few questions by my friend Rod […]

Book Review: <em>The Apostasy that Wasn't</em>

Book Review: The Apostasy that Wasn’t

We are supposed to love the Catholic Church. After all, Christ is in love with her.  She is his bride. St. Paul desired to present the Church to him as a pure bride (2 Cor. 11: 2) and St. John in mystical vision saw her, glorious and radiant, adorned as a bride ready to be […]

Book Review:<em> Chesterton’s America</em>

Book Review: Chesterton’s America

To recommend any book, I should at least be able to say to you that it is a pleasure to read. This book is a pleasure indeed! But saying the least is not my problem with reviewing Chesterton’s America: A Distributist History of the United States. My problem is having the space to say all […]

New Sci-Fi Thriller, <em>The Christus Experiment</em>, is “<em>Da Vinci Code</em> in Reverse”

New Sci-Fi Thriller, The Christus Experiment, is “Da Vinci Code in Reverse”

An interview with author Rod Bennett A fascinating new novel is out in paperback today which ought to be of great interest to Catholic Lane readers with a taste for fantasy or science fiction.  It’s called The Christus Experiment and it’s the first major work of fiction by Rod Bennett, author of the popular Catholic apologetic Four […]